Fashion collectables for the future
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6f47cdb3801c87bf14c24692cbc96000Let us face it. Fashion is moving so fast the past few years. It has increased in pace when Resort and Per-Fall came in. that is not a bad thing but sometimes, we tend to overlook some important things. Nonetheless, fashion is also great at looking back at the past and that is why fashion collectables are always coming around. Owners of vintage items like couture pieces and iconic runway looks think about these things as investments. For some women, they can donate the pieces if in good condition to a museum. This is a great tax loss for them. In the previous runway collections of the past year, let us figure out some notable collections that will be great investments for passionate buyers.

Alexander McQueen

The very last collection of Alexander McQueen before his suicide is undeniably fashion collectables. Practically, all McQueen collections from the past, even his Givenchy creations can be great pieces to hold on to. The most popular right now is this magnificent gold feather coat with his iconic sharp shoulders, cinched waist, and magnificent layers of tulle at the bottom. This grand design is not of course, wearable and is an ultimate fashion investment for someone who wants to invest for the future. Most of his works are very artistic and extremely beautiful so if you can get your hands on those pieces, get them, especially the runway samples.


This young brand has made its way to the world of fashion with their artisanal clothing, quirky styles and very exceptional collections. Many editors find the Rodarte work very beautiful and unique. They have very unique inspirations and they take their clothing to a whole new level of craftsmanship. Their dresses are really good investments. Their knits are exceptional you can certainly take advantage of the knits they made that are ultra fine and looks like it was worn out but was actually designed to be like that. Most of the dresses are fashion collectables. In their latest collection, Valeri Steele from FIT noted the dress with the chinawear like print is an impeccable piece that will surely look good in the future in exhibitions and museum collections.


Karl Lagerfeld never fails to wow the fashion world with his unforgettable couture and ready to wear. His feather dress worn by Carmen Kass for spring 2013 is a sure fire collectable. The Chanel suits are always good pieces. If you have the connections to acquire recent couture pieces you are in luck. Couture pieces in mint conditions are really fantastic fashion collectables.

Balenciaga by Nicholas Ghesquire

His work has been notable ever since he took the job as the creative director of Balenciaga. Everything he does wows the fashion world and you cannot deny that most of his pieces are great fashion collectables in the future. His amazing modern and innovative materials and ways of recreating Balenciaga has garnered him fans from across the world so as much as possible, get some pieces from his collections.

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