Fashion: A way to express your traditions and culture
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90f938d7f5202002619af40781659d2aWhat does fashion really mean? Most of the people will answer this question by discussing about clothes, bags and other such accessories. Let’s pitch another concept of this term. It is intangible. It is something which cannot be weighed or measured. It has its own language and possesses the medium of expressions. Well, no one would have gone into describing this term philosophically (except for me), may be because philosophers do not have time for such petty things.

Expression of culture

Every one of us belongs to a culture. Culture is the way we do things. The traditions, norms, accepted beliefs, celebrations and all such other stuff can be categorized into the definition of culture. The cultures differ with the geographical locations. Having described what culture is fashion is basically an expression of your culture. For instance, if you belong to a Western or European country, you will dress up in western or European dress and same goes for any other person who belongs to any particular geographical area. So, the way we dress tells other people about our culture. Moreover, every one of us wants to promote our culture. This is a fact that we want to let the world know who we are and what we are capable of. So, these promotional activities are done in a fashion show.

Fashion Show

What do people do in this show? Well, these shows are full of colorful dresses and bright faces. The dresses are made by a particular brand or designer. These dresses are then worn by celebrities and models. Another term related with these shows is catwalk. Wearing these dresses, models walk in a particular way and stops at the end of ramp. They make different poses for few seconds. Meanwhile, the photographers are busy taking the photographs while the viewers appreciate the beauty of models and design of dresses by applause during the show. Well, that is how usually a show proceeds. So, what is the main point here? How is culture involved in it? Below are some of the points which will make this easier to understand:

  • Being a designer, you get a chance to promote your culture. This can be done by designing the clothes which represents your culture and traditions. Remember, it is a language so communicate effectively.
  • Secondly, use native models. These models are the medium to express. By using the native model, you will have an advantage. This is because the model from your own geographical area is capable to understand the traditions and they are not foreign to them. So, the expressions and modeling will be quite natural.

Apart from this, when you have earned a good reputation as a designer, you get many chances to go abroad and do fashion shows in other countries. This could prove a very valuable platform for you if you want to promote your culture and want to realize the richness of your traditions. Come up with innovative ideas which are related to your culture and traditions.

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