Dressing tips for plus size women
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de42880961ec40acac79611e2c99df0aAll women like to look good and attractive, irrespective of what their body size is, and how fat or thin they are. This obviously applies to those women too who belong in the category of plus size fashion or clothing. But the sad part is that most plus size women do not know how to dress to look good. What they do instead is waste their time cribbing over their weight and body issues.

Stylists and fashion experts suggest that fat women too can look equally attractive and good, if they choose the right combination of clothes and accessories. Also, many fat women have a myth that fat people have limited sets of clothes and they can’t experiment much with their looks and styles. But this again is not true. Plus size women can dress in as many ways as thin women can, as long as you know the simple tips and tricks behind it.

First and foremost, it is very important to know the difference between size and fitting. Many people confuse these concepts, and are unable to get the right clothes for themselves. Just because something is of your size, does not mean that it also fits you well. Sometimes, even when your size is L, just a little alteration to the M sized shirt will make you look better than the L one. This is because a lot of women have specific problem areas, such as just the tummy, or the arms or the bust etc. And for them, it is usually good to alter that specific part of the garment rather than taking one whole bigger size. So focus on getting the right fit, that is not too tight to show your bulge, and also not too loose to make you look bloated.

Next, try going in for solid colors more. This helps to separate your body from the background and gives your figure and silhouette a definite shape. If you like prints, then go for small prints instead of very big ones, as they will make you look even more bloated. Go for clothes with vertical patterns instead of horizontal ones. Vertical patterns give the illusion of being thin and tall.
For short heighted fat women, wearing a little bit of heels makes them look taller, and thereby also makes them look thinner. But make sure that you do not take uncomfortable pointed heels that cannot bear your body weight.

A-line clothes, and tops with princess lining are good. These make you look slimmer. A-line skirts with a tiny frill at the bottom will also make you look slimmer, but do not go for very puffy costumes, as they would make you appear larger.

Most of the times, picking the right clothes at the standard stores is good enough for everyone. But if you feel that the stitching is not what you are looking for, then you can always go in for stores that specialize in plus size clothing. You are likely to find a good variety there.

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