Crossing over fashion: Bloggers turning up with real fashion jobs
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8d30632486439f332662db67336e18efThe recent fashion news has been pretty interesting for many fashion bloggers. In the last couple of years, we have seen a fashion blogger given a namesake bag, invited to the Crillon Ball, given front row seats together with the big names in fashion, photographed for many magazines, cited in newspapers and given a full page of editorial in the most popular magazines. The fashion world is really taking fashion bloggers seriously and that does not mean it is bad at all. There are so many fashion enthusiasts out there dying to achieve what some achieved in their lives through blogging

Crossovers in jobs

Many fashion labels are really taking bloggers seriously. Here are some amazing proofs. Recently, retail giant H&M, teamed up with fashion blogger Elin Kling from Sweden to create a collection for the brand. The collection will be exclusive to Sweden only. Another one is when Rebecca Minkoff tapped Daniel Saynt to be the Chief Marketing officer for her label. Tumbler also has invited a slew of fashion bloggers from their network to watch New York Fashion week in the coming season for Fall-Winter 2013. Blogging really has come full circle. Many are extending their hands to bloggers now and it is slowly becoming a trend.

These are just some of the amazing things that happened in the fashion blogosphere. However, that is not to say they became those just because they are fashion bloggers. It is critical to know that some of these bloggers are already insiders in the world of fashion and they already have access to such opportunities. In some cases, they are recognized for having a really charming character and a great blog AND marketing skill to do it.

Positioning the fashion bloggers

We have Tavi, Style Bubble and many other blogs that create some unique blogs that are more contextual but they also include images of themselves wearing the things that they really like to wear. There are bloggers that are more journalistic and some that are artistic. Some are really good in styling and there are those who are masters of self promotion. Blogging can take you to places. It could increase your popularity. It could lead you to collaborations. Designers can invite you to shows. They could even fly you to see the shows.

It is not a medicine for all

Those things do not happen or will not happen to everyone. Not all will be marketing executives or stylists or speaking in front of hundreds of bloggers or even dancing at the Crillon ball and wearing couture. However, fashion blogging can help you leverage to a unique world of opportunities. No matter how democratized blogging is, the fashion world is really a closed door industry and it only lets in people who have crossed over the radar. It really feels like an artificial relationship at first but it does happen that way. We will certainly see how this crossing over will progress.

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