Changing Face of Fashion Industry
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The one thing that is sure to change for every 5 years is the fashion industry. There is nothing called permanent in this world. With every decade passing by, certain aspects of fashion seem to be repeating. Certain people do not wish to turn back and live that same life. They need more and something different. The ongoing economic development presents millions of opportunities to this industry and there are lots of fashion designers who come up with innovative ideas and designs. How many times in the past have you wanted to get the looks of Russell Krow or Decaprio? Was it so difficult? Of course not!! It is just the way of dressing and their hair style distinguishes them from the rest.

History gives us true inspiration when it comes to changing fashion. Some of them are interested in getting back to the tradition, core values and have them as a treasure. People have started looking back to know their history and praise it. The all new concept of this industry started from the European Civilization. The retro-special dresses are something that people could never forget.

Attraction, style, high class looks and elements are the key factors for the to-be-trends. A lady dressing like a queen or princess will consider herself to be very sophisticated in the late 1960’s. Men would like to wear the aristocrat’s dress with a hat which symbolized their status. The later period of 1970’s witnessed a cultural change and people started liking the embroidery works and other fine works made on their apparel. The feminine fashion industry reported a rapid change across the borders. The gypsy and folk fashionable dresses entered the market. The migration of people was very active due to various economic failure and other reasons. Hence, the culture and fashion trends also got transferred and diversified across nations.

The western world was considered to be the God of fashion industries until late 1980’s. The Hollywood actresses were treated on par with goddess. Their apparel and clothing was treated to be the best in the world. However, the influence of eastern economies had a considerable impact on the fashion industries. The traditional jewellery items and exotic embroidery designs in the attire paved way for an artistic look. There are always 2 kinds of fashion that would exist during all the period. People prefer to wear their traditional attire when there is any function and they do not want to leave out their tradition. On the other hand, if there is any get together or a party, they prefer to wear fashionable dresses.

It could be a nice point to say that fashion industry has reduced the boundaries of many countries and helped people to know and mingle with each other. It helps them to have shine, glitter, design, print mixes which will ultimately result in natural harmony. Certain people would like to wear fashionable dresses and they take extra care in their appearance and in the way of dressing. This industry will keep changing with the development in the economy.

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