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abfc0c51bccdd6f468f55a47b4b6cc65Fashion is not just in clothing and in accessories. They are also found in print. Editorials and images are collected together to create fashion books. These are books that could be tackling about certain historical topics about an era. It could also be a time line of a certain kind of style. Books have become another outlet for fashion to take place. As they say, a picture can paint a thousand words and with in this world, you can talk about a lot of things with just one image. There are so many kinds of books dedicated to style and design ad clothing. Here are some of the most amazing fashion books that you can check out.

Valentino Garavani: Una Grande Storia Italiana, Art Edition
Of all fashion books that I have seen, this is probably the highest priced. It comes with the book, composed of 738 pages of the legendary designer’s works through the years. It also includes rare photographs and other amazing things regarding the glamorous world of this Italian couturier. The book is encased on a box and included are 4 prints of his original drawings signed by the great Valentino. This is a special treat for hardcore lovers of books that are expensive and this is also a great treat for those who are great supporters of the designer.

Visionaire 58: A Tribute to Alexander McQueen, Couture Edition
Following Alexander McQueen’s death in February 2010, the popular luxury book publisher Visionaier created a fantastic book called, Spirit. This is their homage to the great designer who has stirred the world of fashion upside down for many times due to his amazing shows, his precise cutting and impeccable knowledge about fashion and design as well as pattern making. He is an icon and this book exudes that spirit. The whole book is covered with ivory Italian leather. The front and spine are fully embroidered by brass inspired by his last collection that he did. When you open inside, a song from Lady Gaga flutters in the air and the pages of the bookzine are made of pulp paper with wildflower seeds. You can go flowers using this paper and it is a perfect idea to support the notion that the spirit of Alexander McQueen will remain intact forever.

Grace: Thirty years of Fashion at Vogue
This book offers a great insight about the works of the legendary stylist Grace Coddington as she creates some of the most stunning editorial. She is an icon on her own and her amazing life as well as her vivid work will inspire any stylist to really work hard and keep their passion burning. Her amazing visions for epic editorials! She is nonetheless, one of the most vivid characters in the world of fashion and she has amazing tenacity. Her visions of glorious women as she transforms clothes into real visual delights are simply amazing and truly inspiring.

These are just some of the fashion books that you should check out. There are tons more amazing fashion books around that any fashion enthusiast should buy.

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