Amazing trends that sets androgyny to a whole new level
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071cc74ea7b3a3a09ce33445c44a0efcIn a few days, the menswear collections will be arriving and the first stop is in Milan. While we are waiting for that to come by, let us see how menswear has affected the style of women’s clothing. We have the concept of androgyny and it encompasses a whole new level of unique twists to the fashion world. It is quite a unique aspect to look into but it is necessary so that you can really analyze the role of fashion and how it can break boundaries and create statements. From boyfriend jackets to a band of models, you can find androgyny in fashion a unique and very trendy topic to discuss.

The shirt

The crisp white men’s shirt has been in the wardrobe of men for practically centuries already or when the suit has been introduced. The crisp white shirt, in the recent times has been transformed to frothier if not more feminized styles without removing the masculine appeal. Androgyny in fashion is very apparent in such contexts and you can see as to how it becomes more or less unique. Proportions have been changed from the classic styles to unique forms. They come with a massive train in Viktor and Rolf and at Akris; it was elongated and given more volume at the bottom to become more feminine. Nicholas Ghesquire captured that androgyny in fashion with his amazing tailored shirts with narrower fronts that are very chic.

The boyfriend jacket

Dries Van Noten likes to play with proportion. In his collection, he showed massive jackets and blazers that are even bigger than regular boyfriend jackets. They create a unique shape that really complicates the feminine look. In many collections the jacket over dress style has emerged as an important facet of design. It may not be entirely androgyny at work but the idea is similar. It creates a more understated appeal and it is quite protective yet still, there is the hint of femininity in the proportions.

Androgyny in ad campaigns

Marc by Marc Jacobs had their new spring campaign released featuring a girl and a guy. However the guy is very androgynous. He has very feminine features that you might find misleading at first glance but he is actually a guy. There is an interesting twist to those little details that designers put in their marketing for the ads. There is a unique direction that they go for. Androgyny in fashion will sometimes get you to some good spots in the fashion world.


We have come across this term for models known as waifs. These are models that are very slender. Guys and girls have been walking in runways with their almost similar body types and labels like Burberry normally would have very particular range of models. It does not mean that you can wear a menswear outfit or vice versa but it is probably more of an aesthetic reason. Boyish and girlish looks can really increase the youth factor of collections and it just shows what kinds of markets they are going for and basically, it shows in the kinds of models they use.

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