Ad campaign trail for spring : emerging trends on print
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4a365a3a4158897f254ba4abcbb63bdbFor spring 2013, we have seen a lot of amazing designs. Most of them have all nodded to the 70’s. Inspired by the essence of the 70s and vintage Yves Saint Laurent, tons of designers from New York, Milan and Paris captured the full spectrum of the rainbow including shiny colors. We have sheer minimalism, opulence, artisanal minimalism, couture for the modern times and a lot of textures and layers. Now that the fashion week is over for spring 2013 and we are seeing the ads running this January, how are things coming up for the fashion ad campaigns?

A Season of Freja

Fashion ad campaigns are designed to look very much like editorials that are featured on magazines. That is why magazines market the fashion adds we do not like to see just names; we want to see how it was styles and who the faces to check out for the season are. Truth behold, this season, Freja Beha is one of the most popular faces for spring. She is the face of Chanel, Valentino, Jil Sander Navy, Louis Vuitton and a lot more. We are also seeing Daria Werbowy in a number of ads particularly popular is the Celine fashion ad campaign where she yet again showed her svelte figure covered in a skate board evoking a sporty yet understated elegance.

Seeing Smiles

In the Chanel fashion ad campaign, we have seen some nice smiles from Stella Tennant and Freja Beha Erichsen and smiles are very much consistent all across the other ads of the brand. This is also the same in Valentino. There is a move to break the veneers of the untouchable mannequin models and they have become youthful princesses which they actually are.

The Sullen Chic

Well, we cannot deny it; we are very much used to seeing girls in Fashion ads exude this serious visage when being photographed. We got Miu Miu and Prada, Givenchy, Calvin Klein and Balenciaga ads all evoke a sense of seriousness on the models’ faces. One particular one would be Lara Stone who is the face of Calvin Klein. She is divine but she looks quite extra sullen in the ads, nonetheless, it creates a mood and depth for the chic minimalism of Calvin Klein. Truth behold, maybe they are serious to intimidate readers that they are high fashion brands. Yes, there is psychology in fashion brands, you know?

On location

The fashion ad campaign trends this season are shot on location or in a set. It creates more depth and it makes the models more humanized in a way. You see them walking or going down a set of stairs, walking on grass, sitting on an ornate chair or looking chic under a tree. It creates a beautiful story for the kind of lady that they want to exude. Again, this does not mean all go for that kind of drama. Givenchy anc Calvin Klein kept their white and Black backgrounds to highlight the amazing appeal of their designs for spring.

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