A glimpse of the internet of the future: personalization
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The world is seeing a massive number of devices and innovations being fed to the masses months before they even are manufactured. Technology has become so fast, advanced and integrated to the lifestyles of the consumers. The glimpse of things forthcoming can be predicted with such precision that it has become more a question of execution rather than possibilities. Around 5 or 6 years ago, only a handful would have realized the technological innovations would come around. It would also have been unthinkable to realize how much power social media in the form of blogging, Twitter, Facebook and sharing sites can give us all. Predominantly, the past years have been the year of the internet pushing the boundaries. Facebook was a front runner with their privacy issues that had to be addressed to personalize the information that can be shared to others online. Wikileaks was also a massive news sharing information about government documents all around the world.

According to Caternia Fake, the founder of Flickr and Hunch, the next big step for the internet is personalization. The concept of personalization of the internet is about taking all these elements together and making something concrete out of them. This is an ideal concept that pushes the boundaries of making things more intuitive and ready for someone to actually use. When you make a search, the web analyzes the person from his demographics, age and other essential details and from there; a personalized and targeted result is created.

Another important element that any internet user is looking into is the battle of the competitive entities online. Google has extended its reach so far that it has crossed over from a mere online entity to physical devices. Facebook on the other hand has retained its core idea of social networking done so intuitively. There were questions as to why the company did not do an iPad application for Facebook but their only response is that Facebook is a different thing and it is an internet thing. Another important element that internet users will be looking into would be integration between online consumption and community interaction done perfectly well by companies like Amazon.

The internet of the future is a transformative world, capable of changing lives and creating opportunities not only for business but to ensure a solid community, evens a smaller one for its companies. According to studies, the continuous influx of tablet devices has considerably created a new form of extended world. People use money in a digital way. People connect and make friends and connections using digital technology.

The internet has gone past the realm of web 2.0 according to some analysts and companies, both for hardware and software are pushing for more ways to enable new innovations for online consumption to be truly an ideal world that can be integrated to the lives of modern people. The internet is making waves in education and research as well as in conventional media and in time it can consolidate everything and will take shape as technology progresses.

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