A genius in each of us: study shows talents are not genetic
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Those who believe that geniuses are naturally born can rethink that notion again according to a recent study. David Shenk, an author, argues that everyone has the potential of becoming a genius. It was assumed for a very long time that someone could have an innate talent to be good at particular things like in music, sports, the arts or sciences and mathematics. Some go with the notion that talent is a genetic aspect and so someone may or may not have the traits for a certain talent. According to modern science, the source of talent is actually much more interesting than the dead end genetic argument. This one is also more improvisational.

According to modern science, the human talent is brought about by a series of developmental processes and so it means it does not just reside in the genes. A hundred years ago, the genes are considered as robotic performers and that they only do a particular task all throughout its lifetime. Even until now, we are still stuck with this idea. The recent developments in science have lead to a discovery by scientists regarding the concept and understanding of heredity.

According to Professor Michael Meaney of Canada’s McGill University, the genetic factors cannot be studied separately from another factor. On top of that, the environmental factors cannot work alone without a genome. So for a trait to be exposed there is an interaction between the genes and the environment. It might be cliché for some but unique for others but intelligence and abilities as well as intelligence are determined by how the person lives his life. There is no actual innate talent.

The individual is brought to the world to develop in unique ways from the other. This is the statement of University of Cambridge Biologist Patrick Bateson. The human is capable of developing numerous developmental aspects and the tune is actually affected by the environment where the individual is situated. Of course, genes still matter in this question of talents. All of us are unique as determined by the genes and so one will have a better potential than the other. It is necessary to understand though that if a person had a different set of developmental factors learned, the traits and talents that are present on their adult life would be different and it could radically change how we see ourselves.

This is a very big chunk of information to swallow. It is also very hard to believe since we were conditioned to believe in inner talent and hidden talents. We grew up believing that one has the potential to mediocrity and one has the potential for a successful life with talents. Even the creator of the IQ, Alfred Binet would have been favored by science. Education, training and reinforcement also have a massive effect as to how talents are developed, honed and perfected. The fact is that talents are not innate to the genetic makeup. They can be molded to something that we enhance no matter how old you are.

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