Weaning can help breastfeeding babies
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Mothers that rely on breastfeeding on the first 6 months might actually, not is the best decision you could do for your kids according to a study. We have all been informed that breastfeeding is great for kids for 6 months but most moms that are starting to lactate already go for breastfeeding from the closest proximity to childhood. According to the British Medical Journal, babies that are given some solid food barrier at an early age may even be a better plan for their kids. The study also shows that weaning should begin at around 6 months. Some even think that it should begin at 4 months.

There are some disadvantages of weaning the baby past these time frames. According to the studies, there could be an increase of allergies to food as well as deficiency in iron levels with this late weaning. Some experts however still back the present guidance. The World Health Organization has released a public advice across the world to exclusively breastfeed the babies for 6 months. That announcement was done a decade ago. In this particular announcement, the developing countries are given the most attention. These are the countries where weaning foods as well as clean water are limited and there are bigger risks for infant illnesses and deaths.

The things are that this recommendation is not followed by most developed countries like the US and most of Europe. It is either they follow but limited or they do not follow at all. The study of WHO 10 years ago showed that those who exclusively breastfed their kids for 6 months will more likely have no growth issues and will have less infections. That means that health is dependent largely on economic aspects and access to a higher quality of life. As always said, one’s cure can be another one’s poison. Such methods applied in developing countries may not be as effective for developed ones.

There are studies that show that there are a number of infant deaths due to inappropriate feeding. This is due to having the kids eat solid food when their swallowing capacity is still not fully developed. They still do not have the coping mechanism to swallow foods. However, children are different from each other, and while you might want to wean them at an early age, ask the expert and let them give you some good options for weaning for very young kids and how to prevent problems in the long run. In developed countries, many are finding that weaning babies early on could very helpful for children. Some let their children east solid foods at 4 months when they start showing interest in solid foods.

Taking blanket guidelines sparingly is not bad considering that conditions of kids tend to be different from each other. Breastfeeding is good and should be done but whenever it is possible for the kids to enjoy solid foods, give them the opportunity to try it out. This could be very much helpful for their overall health in the future.

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