The smart phone, a deadly possession
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With the popularity and unstoppable appeal of the smart phones, you no longer have to be afraid of what is on your wallet. You have to be even more afraid of what is inside your smart phone. Before, cell phones are merely communication tools and when they get stolen, they can just make prank calls and you can just cancel the account of your mobile service. Those days are over with the smart phone era. That same robber who stole a mobile phone before can make more havoc to your personal life and even more, to your finances with smart phones getting to their hands.

These gadgets are no more just communication tools. They serve as your wallets and access to bank accounts. Many people use their phones to manage their finances on the go. The huge population of people across the world with iPhones, Blackberries and Android phones, the possibilities of even greater risks are more prominent. These smart phones have become too smart, acting like pocket computers where you can do browsing, connecting via applications to do the things you would normally do on a regular computer. As the technology improves, the risk in real life also inflates.

The world of electronic and mobile banking is being done by millions of people already and it will continue increasing in the coming years. Since devices improve and mature at a rapidly increasing rate in the past few years, from laptops to netbooks, mini computers, PDAs to smart phones and now, tablets, the amount of people who are converting to such technologies are increasing as well, reaching maturity phase a lot sooner. Banks develop their own mobile applications that can make it easier for account owners to access their accounts on their phone and when these phones get stolen, it would be a very tough thing for the owners.

Aside from the power to access your finances on the mobile phone, it has also become so much easier to make the smart phone a shopping mall with new shopping applications. It’s like there is no more time for people to actually head to an actual store and buy, they have to do it right before they go down from their cars or head to the shower. Nowadays, people have used digital technology to pay for their bills and their morning cups of coffee or maybe their lunch in a restaurant. This absolute convenience has become too appealing for many but it also poses a kind of dilemma to the security of information when the phone is accessed by another person. There is no security blanket that could help out those poor owners.

One of the ways to secure your phone is to have a password and keep your important data encrypted with modern software tools. The fact is that you are not just battling a physical enemy here. The fact is that the web has become more chaotic than ever and it has crossed over to mobile phones as well. Security is a very sensitive issue so be aware of what you should use your PHONE for before making it the center of all your human transactions.

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