The Future of Fuel engines: Diesel fuel cell
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Diesel was once considered a very dirty and loud kind of fuel but recent studies are showing that this fuel is the solution to cleaner energy consumption. Nordic Power techniques, a Norway-based company and SAFCell Inc just released a fresh fuel cell. This is the size of a fist and is diesel powered. It can make 250 watts of electrical energy which can already power a home or a yacht. This can also be used to efficiently run machines that are hungry for diesel. According to the CEO f Nordic Power Systems Tor Geir Engbretsen, Diesel is easy to get to everywhere and is less hazardous compared to other fuels. The fuel is also said to have immense power density in addition to can operate quietly and does not have any odor.

On a regular fuel cell, hydrogen fuel is converted into electricity using an electrolyte and an oxidant. The main issue of the hydrogen fuel cell is storing the hydrogen gas and that is the main cause why cars are yet using gas. The fuel cell technology using hydrogen is too expensive and probably too bulky. When the hydrogen atoms are connected to the carbon atoms, you can hold the equal volume for bigger energy payoff with no high pressure. In this aspect, you can find gasoline as well as diesel and they use internal blazing engines and can be used to run energy hungry machines without the bulk.

The diesel engine has its particular drawbacks. The old diesel engine is very noisy and emits odor and it is also bad for the surroundings. Now, the diesel fuel cell is on the opposite spectrum of the disadvantages. It is even smaller, a fist sized engine that can create 250 Watts of energy and the best thing is that it is quieter and much less hazardous compared to others. What it does is that it does not burn the hydrocarbons and instead heats up the fuel to 160 degrees C in the process called reforming. When the gas is reformed, it retains the carbon component that is then delivered to the fuel cell in addition to will then be converted into energy. Now, this fuel cell, take note is just a fist sized device. When you expand its size, it becomes even more powerful.

This new diesel fuel cell technology is great for both commercial and personal use. This is an incredible technology that pushes for a more Eco-friendly system that helps in making the world a lot cleaner than before. With the help of this new technology, car manufacturers can really make powerful cars that are greener. Some devices and other personal devices or machines can benefit from the device as well. These breakthroughs may not as yet be mainstream as much as regular engines are but in the near future, we will be hearing more about new technologies for a more Eco-friendly life. The great thing is that there is potential to cross over to real devices. Of course, the cost will be much higher for such technologies.

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