Prozac and stroke recovery: promising results
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Stroke is a massive issue across the world and mostly in developed countries, the cases of stroke of various intensities is higher compared in other countries. The most difficult part of having stroke is being left paralyzed in one part of the body or sometimes the whole body. Studies in the UK are being done in order to find better ways to make recovery more significant in a smaller time frame. Recent studies on stroke and medication are showing some signs of possibilities about making survivors recovering at a much faster rate using a particular drug.

A study shows that letting a patient take Prozac right after a stroke can help them in recovering from paralysis. There was a great improvement in the independence and mobility of a patient right after 3 months of taking an antidepressant called fluoxetine, compared to others who are in the control setup. The study was conducted in France among 118 participants handled by Lancet. According to stroke experts in the UK, this study and the results show promising things. To date, this study is considered the largest one based on the SSRI and stroke recovery.

After 90 days, the stroke patients that took the antidepressant showed that there is more functionality to the lower and upper limbs compared to the other patients who did not take the drug. Those who are under the antidepressant showed signs of coping more independently. The test on patients was made sure to be consistent so the patients that took part had moderate and severe disabilities after an episode of this condition. When it comes to the side effects, the study has shown that it was relatively infrequent and if one had a side effect, it would be very mild. In the antidepressant group, there are more notable signs of diarrhea and nausea.

Each year, a whopping hundred fifty thousand people in the UKL suffer a form of stroke or another and one third of them will experience a form of paralysis on one side of the body. According to Doctor Sharlene Ahmed, from the UK Stroke Assoc stated that the organization has been looking for better outcomes in stroke recovery and the study offers some great promise in the future. Depression is a very common disease right after the episode. It is very much interesting that this drug could have a dual functionality in relieving depression as well as in making it faster for patients to recover and live a healthier life.

Even if the research shows amazing promise, continuous studies still need to be done in order to make sure that the said drug can offer improvement in the movement of a person or if it is more of a mental aspect. Nonetheless, the study pushes a new frontier for those who are on the prowl for faster stroke recovery. Tons of research is necessary to be done for a more comprehensive analysis to check the validity of Prozac in actually helping out the physical aspects of stroke patients.

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