Italian wines save lives of Africans from HIV/AIDS
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Whenever people make a toast, the toast is for a good health. That is how the Italians do it but in a more figurative way. Just recently, drinking a glass of Italian wine has become a literal pursuit for a healthier life, particularly for the lives of children and others in Africa afflicted with HIV and AIDS. Top Italian wine producers marketed their vintage and fine wines to help those in Africa.

Wine for Life, a program that has been supported by more than 120 wine producers in Italy is a long term project that will help raise funds for research and medication for those with HIV and AIDS in Africa. According to Luca Sanjust, one of the top wine producers in Italy, as sacred as they regard the wine, the wine producers also recognize the need to give back to the earth and do something to those who were not given a choice to live a happy and blessed life. With every bottle of wine sold, the wine producers can amass a lot of money that can help those in Africa.

The idea of Wine for life did not come as a revelation to the wine makers. It actually came in Rome, from the Sant’Egidio community that was founded by students in 1968. The group serves as a diplomatic facilitator, a charity and a communicator. The plan, according to Mario Marazzitti, has gone extremely well, helping out thousands of children and adults to get the medications that they need. This long standing project is now being pushed not only on special and exclusive stores but also in supermarkets to enable other people to take part of the pursuit to help others. According to Marazzitti, everybody will benefit from such a plan.

The idea of helping out using wine has become a task much deeper than mere commercialism. According to Sanjust, the power to help other people using the soil and the weather that helped create their most delicious wines can give life to those who are suffering thousands of miles away across the impoverished areas in Africa. The issue of AIDS and HIV in Africa is a battle that most developed countries across the world take part of. Even if there are news saying that the number has halted, it is necessary to keep those who were inflicted with the disease, especially the newborn children and the young ones to live a life that is optimistic.

This project will continue on as people across the world buy the wines from these popular producers. Italy is one of the biggest producers of some of the best wines across the world. With the help of private sectors, the needs of those with diseases in Africa can be addressed especially those costs that cannot be covered sometimes by the government and other non government organizations. Every wine bought brings in a small amount that is sent to fund the Wine for Life project to give life and make sure that the lives of others are secured.

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