Damascus to appeal to youth travel sector
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The Middle East has hundreds of unspoilt travel jewels that are just starting to get recognized across the world. This once closed region, only imagined by tall tales and snippets of images and videos are now starting to loosen up and employing methods to ensure that their appeal to tourism will catch on to the rest of the world. Tourism accounts for a huge revenue in various countries across the world and ancient cities like Damascus in Syria deserves a whole new youthful attention

About Damascus
The city is located at the southwest of Syria and was established around 10, 0000 to 8,000 BC. This is credited as the oldest surviving city in the entire world. As ancient city, you will find old relics, narrow pathways and facades of buildings that felt that time stopped. There are medieval hints to the design of the city as well.

The Old Town of the city was protected under the UNESC World Heritage site program in the 1970s but the rest of the city has become a fantastic place to visit with its boutique hotels contemporary art as well as the music, entertainment and cultural scene. A lot of effort has been made for Damascus to appeal to the younger generations. Just in 2008, it was heralded as the Arab Capital of Culture. Art and style magazines like Wallpaper also are very much interested in highlighting the unique world inside the walled city.

Sights to behold
Damascus has undergone a lot of changes throughout its existence. Tourists can find ruins of Roman temples and buildings and magnificent mosques, the most popular would have to be the Umayyad Mosque which was built in the 8th century. One of the prevailing stories is that the mosques hold the head of the biblical character, John the Baptist. Another important find is Saladin’s tomb. He is a conqueror who has fought the invading crusaders in the 12th century. The Ruins of Palmyra as well as the Chapel of Saint Paul are incredible infrastructures and ruins that will take your breath away.

The Youth appeal
Modern travelers are getting younger and younger and they are the ones with new money nowadays. That is why Damascus offers some pretty chic offerings for the modern travelers. One particular boutique Hotel to visit would have to be Beit al Malmouka with an impeccable courtyard that mixes old world Arab glamour with the spare contemporary air.

The city has an impeccable architecture that any architecture and art lover will find worthy of their lenses. The Umayyad Mosque is undeniably the crown jewel of the city. There are also eerily magnificent ruins that are situated in nearby souqs like the remains of the Temple of Jupiter. For art lovers, Damascus holds some of the most cutting edges and highly visited contemporary art galleries. For shoppers get lost at the labyrinthine souqs of the city and indulge your senses to all the great finds.

Truly, the youth sector will find this city a bit more incredible beyond the pictures.

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