2013 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends for Women
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3e313efb2826088239e57fd1e760204aWith winter ending and spring and summer rapidly approaching women are wondering what the new trends are going to be this year. So if you’re looking for inspiration as to what to wear this coming spring then read on to find out about the hottest new trends to hit the fashion world.

70’s fashion is making a comeback :

This is one biggest trend out there right now and it will stick around for the spring and summer. This is a more sophisticated look and that means that you can take all that 70’s garb and change it to be a more sophisticated 70’s look. You need to wear this look with a bold independence and a hint of sexuality. Here are a few tips on how to wear your 70’s garb in the day and night.

For day wear :

  • High waisted pants with wide legs or big flares that are belted.
  • Blouses that have billowing sleeves that is silk or satin.
  • Rolled neck sweaters that are tucked into pants worn with beaded necklaces.
  • Printed jumpsuits are a hot item this year.

For night wear :

  • Fabrics with a metallic thread that brings the out the 70’s disco.
  • Ruffled necklines under a blazer with sleek pair of pans.
  • Slinky gowns with low daring necklines or very daring leg silts are the ultimate in the 70’s night time fashion.

Biker Chic :

This fashion has been around for some time but has never been more than just a passing trend. Now that the new fashions of 2013 are coming into fruitation this trend is coming to the forefront. With this trend the hottest piece to have is the motorcycle jacket. This is no just your average leather jacket in the standard black, but these jackets need to be more of a statement piece and almost any color will due. There are two main things to look for when getting into this trend and one is zipped sleeves and a quilted look. The plain black leather pants are not going to work with this trend. The new style leather pants will have paneled sides, quilting and padding. You can also wear anything that hugs your skin.

Punk Fashion :

With punk fashion there is always that sense of rebellion. That is one of the biggest reasons punk has never went far as a full blown trend. If you wear punk in the wrong way you look like you’re playing dress-up. While it makes sense to mention punk fashion for the 2013 season it doesn’t warrant a huge write up because it doesn’t stand out this year.

Flares and bell bottoms :

Flares and bell bottoms are hitting the 2013 fashion scene again. This is because with skinny jeans being such common place people are looking for something new and with the 70’s look being such a big hit it was inevitable that flares and bell bottoms would come back into the fashion scene. The style that is making the most impact on the fashion world is the 70’s look with the following elements.

  • Hems that is as wide as your foot or wider.
  • Loose knees – you’re looking for something that is slim fitting down the thigh but once it reaches the knees it starts to flare then. This all about the 1970’s look.
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